Host My Pet

Host My Pet is an online P2P marketplace where pet owners can find individual and reliable pet sitters. It’s available in web, iOS and Android platforms.

We develop Host My Pet ecosystem with the microservices pattern in mind to help each module can be scaled independently and reduce the workload when the business needs to adapt to new change or come to new markets.

In HostMyPet system, all transactions are processed and stored securely and safely. Users can access petting services through mobile applications and web application.

Furthermore, users can send message and photo to each other as well as receive notifications from email system, mobile notification system and messenger managing bot.

HostMyPet staffs can access own dashboard to manage bookings, applications and push marketing material to the users as well as manage new discounts from the coupons management system.

Tech: Frontend: javascript (react), HTML5, CSS, SASS

Backend: ruby

Mobile: native application

Other technology in stack: MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Nginx, Cloudflare, WordPress